Jul 28 2017

6 Ways to Transform Your Loft

by EYA Homes

What would you do with an extra level of living space? A fourth level loft offers you tons of possibilities with more space, privacy, and flexibility. There are many different ways to make use of a whole level of loft space– this is one option that you'll consider essential. So, what exactly can you do with your loft?

  1. Entertainment area: Lofts make great casual living areas, which are perfect for entertaining guests in a less formal setting. For example, at The Brownstone at Chevy Chase Lake, the loft opens onto the rooftop terrace and provides the perfect indoor-outdoor space for get-togethers, complete with plenty of seating, a private elevator directly from the kitchen and a cooking area.
  1. Recreation room: You can also transform your loft space into a cozy den or recreation room. Because lofts offer so much privacy, they can be a quiet place to unwind. Transform your den into an extra tv room, a cozy reading enclave, a game room, or even a workout space. Your loft will be the perfect place to take a break and relax. 
  1. Guest suite: Another great way to use the extra space is as a guest suite. You would be adding value to your home with the addition of another bedroom and bathroom while also making it easier for family and friends to visit. A loft bedroom can also help accommodate multi-generational families by giving family members privacy and freedom on their own separate levels.
  1. Arts and crafts room: One unique way to use your loft is as an arts and crafts room. Because the loft is separate from the rest of the house, it can provide the peace and quiet you need to produce your best creative work. It is also a nice place to display all the artwork you create.
  1. Home office: Much like a recreation room, putting an office in the loft gives you a private, tranquil place to work. With all the extra space that a loft provides, you will have plenty of room to store important documents and materials, and you can add as much seating and shelving as you need.
  1. Kids’ playroom: If you have kids or grandkids, the loft could be the perfect place to create a playroom. You could store all of their toys and clutter in one place and keep it out of the rest of your home. Even if you don’t have kids, you could make the loft into a game area with a pool table, foosball, or air hockey.


Whether you decide to use your space as a functional living area or use it for something more unique, a loft ultimately will enhance your lifestyle by providing a large, versatile space to suit any of your needs. Now that you’re thinking about all of the ways you can design and use your loft, why not find a new home that offers one?



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